Start: 7th
Stage 1: 5th
Stage 2: 19th
Finish: 11th
Status: Running
Laps Completed: 400/400
Laps Led: 0
Point Standings (behind first): 5th (-130)


  • Ryan Blaney started seventh and finished 11th in Sunday afternoon’s Toyota Owners 400 at Richmond Raceway in the No. 12 BODYARMOR Ford Mustang. Despite finishing one spot shy of the top-10, the afternoon for the No. 12 team showed promise as the team consistently ran lap times on par with the race leaders. Blaney rallied late on old tires, climbing four positions to finish 11th.
  • During the opening run, Blaney moved inside the top-five, racing to the third position before the lap 30 competition caution, reporting he needed just a little more entry security in the No. 12 BODYARMOR Ford Mustang.  The adjustments on the first stop helped but Blaney encouraged the team to give him more entry security and drive off through the long run. On the stage ending stop, crew chief Todd Gordon elected to make a trackbar and air pressure change.
  • In the second stage, Blaney reported he was losing rear grip early in the run and made a green flag pit stop with the race leaders on lap 138, but a caution flag forced the BODYARMOR crew into taking the wave-around and restarting outside the top-15. The team elected to go long on the second stage and finished 19th, one lap down to the race leader, but saved one set of tires over the majority of the field.
  • Blaney continued running near the free pass position, pitting at lap 344 for a trackbar adjustment and four tires as the field cycled through green flag stops. The team remained on the track under the lap 380 caution and cycled back to the lead lap where they’d press forward and finish 11th.

Quote: “It was a step in the right direction at Richmond for me and the BODYARMOR team. Our lap times and the way our car handled and we adjusted on it through the race were better than the 11th place finish we had, just got trapped for too long a lap down and without cautions, it was tough to get that back. I think we had a ton of key learnings that we can evaluate and come back stronger when we race here in the playoffs.” 

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