Many people travel and meet with family on Christmas. For NASCAR driver Ryan Blaney and his family, they travel as one every Christmas. For NASCAR drivers, December is pretty much the only time they can realistically go on vacation and since Ryan’s father Dave was a driver in his own right, it has been somewhat tradition.

While the Blaney family hasn’t decided where to go for Christmas yet, Ryan had an idea and it would be rather cool if you’re a risk-taker and are cool to go wherever. On NBC’s NASCAR Talk, Blaney explains:

“Take a huge map and just blindfold yourself, stand 10 yards away and throw a dart at it. And if it lands anywhere in the ocean, then you get a re-do.

“I think that would be pretty neat, not know where you’re going, but wherever you land, you have to tough it out – even if it’s the worst place ever, you’ve still got to go there. As long as it’s not Siberia – it has to be somewhere reasonable.”

Yeah, it’s a good thing Ryan has some ground rules so he’s not going to North Korea or Antartica but if you are undecided where to go and have an open mind of going wherever, this is a great way to experience something new you never even thought of doing. When that idea was posed to Dave, he had a different view but was open to it if Ryan paid for the vacation.

“No, Ryan has never told me anything like that, but hey, he’s a big-time Cup driver now, he can do that,” Dave Blaney said with a laugh.

The elder Blaney then added, with the laugh increasing more: “He can pay for it, so we’ll go. Let’s go! He does like to travel maybe more than I do. He really enjoys it.”

Ryan explained that his family loves to travel and in lieu of giving each other presents, they all go in for a family trip because the entire family values the idea of experiencing a different place rather than material things. Ryan had been vacationing with fellow NASCAR driver and friend Darrell Wallace Jr. in Puerto Rico earlier this month and snuck in a quick European vacation during a rare off weekend for NASCAR drivers so Ryan certainly loves a trip whenever he can.

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