Star Wars fan Ryan Blaney plays movie critic, breaks down ‘Rogue One’



Ryan Blaney is a self-described Star Wars fan, even if he did once catch the ire of @The Buzzer’s Daryl Motte for saying “The Phantom Menace” was his favorite effort in the iconic movie franchise series.

Perhaps he has a new favorite now.

The driver of the No. 21 Ford for Wood Brothers Racing in the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series sat down with Motte again during a recent visit to the FOX Sports studios in Charlotte, where he discussed many topics – including what he thought of the ending of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” the latest installment in the film series.

And more recently, he posted a picture on Twitter of Darth Vadar memorabilia that he claims “make my living room safe,” as well as a Star Wars Stormtrooper who has notoriously poor aim when attempting to hit any of the main characters in the movies (as Blaney duly noted).

To find out what Blaney thought of the latest movie in general and its ending in particular, check out the video above and judge for yourself whether Blaney might have a future as a movie critic. But consider this a spoiler alert if you haven’t made it to the theater yet to catch the film.

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